What Are The Phases Of Building A Pool

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Building a pool is a big project and knowing what to expect in each phase will make the duration easier. It may take a maximum of 14 weeks depending on your contractor. The following phases will give you a preview of what to expect and give you a chance to state how you the different aspects of the pool to be.


Pool Design

First step, you will have a meeting with your contractor preferably from the Pool Co, who will seek to understand what you want and the kind of pool designs you have in mind. There will also be a technician who will go into detail while surveying the areas you propose for the pool. They will also take measurements of the whole plot. These details will enable them check out any setbacks, how accessible are the different utilities and area to be under construction. Less than two days later, a construction plan and proposal will be sent to you for approval.


Issuance of Permits

The Pool Co will be responsible for getting all the permits needed to build a swimming pool in a residential area. Additionally, permits will also be required for gas connection. An expert will also be expected to inspect the plumbing and electrical connections. All steps are a requirement by the local authorities and should be completed before initial construction begins.



After you have approved and the permits are all ready, then construction begins. If you have any questions at this step, it is advisable to ask. Since the measurements of the pool were taken, now they will be marked with boards. These boards are set carefully in accordance with the permitted plan. Additionally, if these boards are moved, then make sure to inform the Pool Co. as these boards are what the pool builders Sydney will use to guide them through the whole construction.


Finally the excavation begins and though a lot of dirt will be dug up, the contractor will carry away most of it and only leave what they will use later.Then steel bars are placed horizontally and vertically. These bars form the base of your swimming pool.At this point the pool has taken shape and plumbing begins. All the lines needed are installed including main drains, return lines and skimmers. Any other additional lines for spas and waterfalls are also installed.


Final phase is the granite is sprayed which covers the steel bars. Then after it is smoothened, the tiles are placed. According to the tiles you have chosen, this phase may take a few days. However, that duration depends on the intricate details you want met. The setting of the tiles will give a non-porous and durable base.


This the last phase where the pool deck is done according to your preference. It is advisable to choose a deck that will match the overall pool setup. Any other additions like the pool screen, fence and alarm are set up. Then the contractor does a final clean up and you have the pool all to yourself.