Best Funko Pop Cases

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Funko Pop vinyl figures are super cute. You can collect hundreds of them. Your guests, friends, and relatives will be awestruck to see your Funko pop collection.

But. you need good display boxes to protect these figures. Otherwise, your money and labor will go to waste. Hence, a list of the best ‘Funko POP’ protector boxes is given below.


5 Best Funko Pop Cases


1) Malko Pop Protector

This protector box takes the first place for its exceptional quality. Its plastic cover is 0.5 mm thick. The plastic cover is made of superior quality plastic. Hence, it will last long.

Moreover, this display box has an auto-lock (bottom) system. As a result, your Funko pop won’t get damaged.


2) EcoTek Pop Protector

EcoTek has made its protector truly sturdy. They have used a 0.36 mm plastic cover. As a result, your Funko Pop figure will have a perfect display.

It’s easy to assemble and it has a great locking. This means, your cute Funko Pop will be perfectly protected inside these boxes.


3) Playoly Pop Protector

Playoly provides high-quality protective cases. Their cases are made with premium quality plastic. As a result, the plastic on this box never gets hard. It can give your toy protection for many years.

These boxes come at a reasonable price. So, you can collect lots of these boxes.


4) GosuToys Pop Protector

This pop protector box has no labels. So, you can use it in two ways. You can keep your original Funko Pop box inside this box. Apart from that, you can showcase your Funko Pop figure directly inside it.

This box has a perfect size. It has a lock system at its bottom. So, it’s a great box to protect your favorite Funk Pop figures.


5) Funko Pop Stacks

Funko has made this box with a protective lid. It has a hard case. So, it’s a perfect box to keep your Funk Pop figures.

If you have a small collection, then you can order their ‘6 pack’ boxes. This pop protector can keep your vinyl figures dust-free for years.


Shop Funko Pop cases Australia is a widely popular toy figure. Many Australian people love to collect these super cute figures. But, they should also protect them. The above list will help them to choose the best Funko pop protector cases. They have different price rates. So, you should choose your protective case carefully.