Where Can I Find Quality Health Insurance Coverage in Australia?

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While health coverage is accessible in Australia through the Medicare system, you may want to expand your safety net with a private health insurance plan. If you’re looking into a plan beyond the public care system, here are a few things to keep in mind as you consider premiums, policies, and your overall health. The good news is that these health care coverage options are easier than ever for you to access and explore.

Private Health Coverage


When evaluating your health insurance options, you want to keep in mind the benefits that come from private health insurance coverage. This allows you to choose the hospital you go to, or the doctors and specialists you visit, since you’ll no longer have to rely on the public Medicare option. Enrollers get financial coverage for a variety of health-related treatments and services. The marketplace comes with options that handle everything from a few bumps and bruises to more significant ailments that require regular care from health care providers.

When you’re treated as a public health care patient, you have next to no flexibility on anything from who is on your care team and when your appointment may be. Private health coverage paves the way for more options regarding care for annual physicals or critical illness. Those who get private health plans are also rewarded by no longer having to pay the Medicare Levy Surcharge. That’s a tax that is placed on people of a certain income who continue to use public Medicare services. That already translates into annual savings for an insured party right there.

Hospital and Extras Cover


When looking at the health insurance marketplace, you’ll want to look into additional protections that cover you and your current health situation, as well as your dependents. Hospitals coverage handles any treatment or care possibilities that may not have been covered under Medicare or Medicaid through public health options. This can range from basic palliative care options to possible clinical trials to potentially improve your overall health. This additional coverage will also help in dealing with certain specialists, such as a dermatologist to evaluate freckles and moles.

Extras coverage options also tack on to any type of health insurance you have accrued in the private marketplace. This provides general benefits that you may not get in the public health system under a Medicare contract. You’ll want to check for any exclusions on coverage when signing on for an extras policy, to avoid sudden shock when treatment expenses have to come out of your own pocket. However, extras cover does provide a wider safety net, including potential surgical intervention, such as needing a benign mole lanced.

Family Insurance Coverage


While experts recommend purchasing a private insurance policy at a younger age, some prefer to explore this insurance coverage when they are building a family. Pregnant women and children can serve as dependents under family health insurance plans. While Medicare covers some health care services, it doesn’t cover treatments that may impact your family in the long run. This includes dental and orthodontic treatments, as well as contacts and glasses.

This also expands into treatments through specialists like a dermatologist to handle skin-related conditions. The right private insurance company will provide certain limits for this coverage, as well as a deductible through health maintenance organizations to cover the entire family. You may even want to look into a separate children’s health insurance program for soon-to-be new members of the family. It’s important to evaluate your options when it comes time for an annual contract renewal, as you may want to expand coverage or even reduce it. Weigh your options and the benefits before signing on board.