What Are Pipe Joints?

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Pipe joints are some of the necessary components that enhance the plumbing system. When selecting a joint, the things to be considered include,the size, material used and capability of withstanding high pressure. However, the main consideration is that each joint should have the capacity to withstand pressure.

There are various types of pipe joints such as:


A threaded joint is where each pipe has threads and they are the ones screwed together to form a joint. Each pipe has either an internal or external thread. Pipes made of PVC, cast iron, G.I and copper have these threads. According to Gold Coast Plumbing Company, pipes that use threads have a diameter of between 6mm to 300 mm. They are suitable for areas with low temperature and pressure. Areas with high temperature cause expansion which leads to leakages, hence they are not recommended .However, installing thread joints is simple but sufficient maintenance is necessary.


When two pipes are joint using molten at a temperature of above 840 degrees, it’s called brazing. The metals used in brazing are made of copper or are alloys of copper. The molten used is made of tin but other metals such as silver, nickel and bismuth are added to make it strong.

When brazing, Gold Coast Plumbing Company makes sure the pipe being brazed has a higher melting point than the filler being used. Additionally, the strength of a brazed joint is lower when compared to other joints. Brazed joints are suitable in moderate temperatures.


Though soldering is the same as brazing, the difference comes in where the molten melts at temperatures below 840 degrees. Copper pipes and its alloys are used during soldering. In order to prevent oxidation, a paste is applied on the fittings to be soldered. A plumber gold coast is better placed to do this connection. A Gold Coast Plumbing Company would advise you that joints that have been soldered are most suited for areas with low temperature. The joint are also low in mechanical strength similar to brazed pipes.


A Gold Coast Plumbing Company would use butt welding to joint two pipes with similar diameters. This type of joint is commonly used in industrial and big commercial pipe systems.

These joints are mechanically very strong and due to them being smooth continuously around the joint, they are highly resistant to high pressure. However, butt joints are costly and at times for economic reasons rings are welded in and hence less filling material is used. This method of cutting cost doesn’t always work because the rings may not withstand high pressure and may develop cracks.

The butt welded pipes are fixed permanently.

Socket Joints.

If there is a chance of a pipe leaking, socket welded joints are suitable. The pipes that have different diameters fit into each other are welded.

Flanged joint 

Pipes with a longer diameter and can withstand high pressure, are suitable to be joined using flanged joints. The pipes used are either plain or threaded. Most of the pipes used are made of steel or cast iron because of their capability to withstand high pressure.