Lump Crab Meat

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Crab meat is widely used in many recipes and cuisines worldwide because it is very tasty, soft and has a delicious flavor. While it is possible to get the crab meat by purchasing crabs, extracting the crab meat is a time consuming and laborious process, especially at home. First the crab shell has to be broken using a hard and heavy kitchen implement. Then the crab meat has to be extracted from the from the broken shell. So both individuals and food businesses which require crab meat for the various dishes are interested in finding reliable suppliers of good quality lump crab meat at affordable rates.

The lump meat is derived from the large muscles of the crab which are connected to the swimming legs. The jumbo lump meat, consists of the complete lumps from larger crabs and being a premium meat, it is also more expensive. The lump meat consists of broken pieces of the jumbo lump as well as the body meat. It is priced lower than the jumbo-lump crab meat, though it has an excellent flavor, taste and appearance. The meat is derived from different types of larger crabs, like red crabs, blue crabs and brown crabs depending on where the meat is sourced from. The crab supplier will usually mention the source of the crab meat.


Though a few businesses are selling fresh crab meat, a majority of the crab meat available is canned or frozen. The packaging will provide details of the crab meat, like the source of the meat, and where it is processed. The expiry date for the crab meat will also be provided along with instruction for storage, especially for frozen meat. The crab meat is ideal for those who are dieting or health conscious, since it is low in fat and high in proteins. The crab meat can be used for making a wide variety of delicious dishes like crab pies, crab cakes and pasta dishes