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Water use in the garden

Gardening is the most popular recreational activity in Australia. We can help you know how to water your garden efficiently, how to use grey water, if you should get a water tank and how to look after food plants. Even we at savewater were surprised at how easy it is to use water more efficiently. Water efficient gardens are green and flourishing and save you time and money.


Tools to help your garden thrive

Great ways to get the most from your garden

FrangipaniFrangipani This iconic tropical small flowering tree is tough and adaptable with lovely cream to red flowers and glossy green leaves. It likes full sun and good drainage and is widespread across Australia down to… Read more

CompostCompost Every gardener knows that compost is good for your plants but did you know that over 40% (ABS) of solid waste in landfill in Australia could have been composted? Or that using compost is actually water… Read more

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High Tech Garden Watering – Sprinklers and SpraysHigh Tech Garden Watering – Sprinklers and Sprays The last decade has seen innovative irrigation technological development. Initially developed and tested in a commercial environment this technology is now being applied to residential gardens. A recent… Read more

The Smart Lawn - Warm Season GrassesThe Smart Lawn - Warm Season Grasses Our understanding of lawns has become more complicated in the last 30 years. A green lawn has long been considered a desirable landscape. Then David Holmgren of permaculture fame pointed out that lawns are… Read more

In this section...

  • Garden design
    Find out how microclimates, waterzoning and irrigation design can all help you save water in your garden.
  • Gardening with rainwater
    Rainwater tanks, traditionally an icon of the Australian outback, are becoming a more common feature in urban communities. See how you can use a rainwater for your garden.

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