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savewater! games arcade

Saving the environment is cool with these free online games. Whether you're helping the Wilson family save water or joining the Carbon Tradies on their mission to save the planet these free Flash games are hours of fun.

Challenge your friends or classmates to see who can get the highest score on their mission. Complete all the games for a chance to win great prizes*.

Plugins required
Mission H2O and Mission CO2 have been developed for Adobe Flash player, an interactive runtime that brings rich multimedia into your internet browser. The mini games have been developed for Unity player allowing for 3D elements & advanced game physics.

Get Adobe Flash Player | Get Unity Web Player
Flash and Unity
Swinburne University
These games have been developed by students from the faculty of design at Swinburne University. If you'd like to have a go at developing a game and getting it published in the savewater! games arcade, please contact us.
Swinburne University