Day trip around Perth

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The state capital of Western Australia is one of the most isolated cities in the world. It’s the art of living, it’s dynamism and a beautiful environment that makes it emerge on the map of the big cities of the planet and has a lot of serviced apartments Perth.

It’s not as big as other cities on the east coast of Australia, but it does have cool sights, exciting walks, and landscapes to keep in mind. Below are places worth visiting in Perth.

The Bell Tower.

It is one of the unique points of Perth. It has a modern facade, and inside it is a set of ancient bells dating back to the 14th century. The bells ring loudly in perfect harmony, and besides being able to hear their tunes, the tower offers a good view of the city.

Near the tower, you can still take a boat for a tour of the Swan River or perhaps go to Fremantle. Enjoy a sunny day walking through King’s Park, a vast urban park that offers a beautiful view of the city.

It is a place with a monument in honor of those who fought in the war and an impeccable lawn, great for a picnic.

The Aquarium of Western Australia.

This is simply an amazing aquarium. The tour allows you to know several species of marine animals, including stingrays and sharks.

The place has a diving area and attractions that, even out of the water, makes you feel among the animals. Next to the aquarium is Sorrento Quay, a cool mall for walking, eating, or even enjoying an artificial beach.

Since Australia is a country full of exotic animals, going to Caversham Wild Life Sanctuary, a multi-animal park, is a cool alternative to meeting koalas and kangaroos.


The trip to Perth will not be complete without visiting the city’s beaches, they are beautiful and a must-see during the summer. The seawater is a spectacular turquoise blue, very inviting for a bath.

The cool thing is that the beaches of the city are always close to a lawn with trees, so you can choose whether you want to enjoy the sea of sand or grass.

In conclusion,

The cool thing about visiting Perth is that you find a lot more things to do in the city. It has a favorable climatic condition, and the people are friendly and welcoming. Having cool day trips around Perth is one of a lifetime experience.