Caravan water hose- what you should know about it

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Caravan drinking water installation

As in households also in caravanning water is used for various living and economic purposes and that is why it has to meet specific standards. The users of caravans are even more exposed than in households to the effects of drinking water that does not meet drinking water standards. It is crucial what materials drinking water tanks and caravan water hoses supplying water to them are made of. Every, little part of the drinking water installation in the caravan has to be certified and of high quality.

Efficient way to get drinking water in caravans

Experienced caravanning enthusiasts have their own ways of using water that are efficient and do not take up a lot of space. That is why keeping drinking water in dedicated tanks is a thing of the past. Installation of a special filter, thanks to which you can drink water directly from the clean water tank in your camper, is gaining more and more popularity. Caravan water hose is connected to such a filter, e.g. from Flat out International – available in various lengths, high quality drinking water hoses designed for caravans. They meet Australian requirements of AS4020.


Requirements for caravan water hose

Caravan water hose should have the smooth inner layer. It is important that the water flows through the hose unobstructed. It should not adhere to the wall of the hose or penetrate into its structure. It is very important that the materials used for the inner layer of the caravan water hose sufficiently inert that their ingredients do not adversely affect the health of consumers or affect the quality of the food.