Are Vapes Legal to Buy in Australia

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Vaping has become a lot more acceptable and accepted over the last few years. While vaping started as a way to quit smoking, it has grown into something much, much broader. Now, many people vape instead of smoking because vaping has quickly become accepted as a healthy alternative to smoking. Vaping can help people wean themselves off nicotine in a much safer way than kicking the habit of cold turkey.

Are you thinking about trying vaping but aren’t sure if it’s for you? Curious as to if it’s something you should really try? Before you do so, you need to make sure that you’re fully aware of the law in Australia, and vaping’s legality.

Australians have flocked to e-cigarettes in recent years, partially in response to laws that ban traditional cigarettes from most indoor spaces. E-cigarette use has increased by nearly 40 percent in just two years. But while the Australian government seems to have embraced e-cigarettes, the laws are not so simple. E-cigarettes are classified as medical devices, so buyers are subject to strict regulations. That’s especially true for imported products, which are illegal in Australia without a special license.

The vape industry in Australia is booming. This is because vaping is significantly safer than smoking, which is one of the many reasons it’s gaining popularity. But…are vapes legal to buy in Australia?

Vaping is legal in Australia. Australia has one of the strictest policies for regulating e-cigarettes in the world. Unfortunately, that means that buying an e-cigarette can be a bit of a struggle for Australian vapers. Vaping has become more prevalent in Australia, but no stores around the country sell e-cigarettes. Until now. Vape stores are now opening around the country, and you can now buy vapes in them if you’re over 18, just shop vapes online.